Spectrum International College of Technology (SICT) is offering a unique opportunity for individuals with appropriate qualifications at STPM, A-Levels and Diploma to pursue for a Bachelor degree in Islamic Finance in collaboration with Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNISZA).


The collaboration with UNISZA will not only ensure that the standards are well accepted and recognised but more importantly to provide a clear pathway for the candidates to advance themselves to their first degree and perhaps at the postgraduate levels.  This collaboration with a public university is seen as a win-win situation for both parties where it will provide greater access to candidates who want to pursue for a career in the ever-evolving area of Islamic Finance, which is becoming a mainstay in the banking sector. Most interestingly, it is meant not only for Muslim students but also for non-Muslim students.


Why Islamic Finance? While covering the basic principles of banking you will now be exposed to the economics of the Islamic banking system and how it differs from the traditional Western banking practices. Islamic Finance promotes the reduction of risk and induces the space for greater investment stability. Furthermore, Islamic Banking is based on a profit-sharing principle, where the risk is shared by the bank and the customer and hence offering a more equitable distribution of income and wealth. Most critical, all procedures must be Syariah compliance and therefore avoiding unlawful activities. It also emphasizes on ethical finance suitable for all Muslims and non Muslims.


Will graduates in Islamic Finance be easily employed? With the Islamic banking market valued at over USD 1.1 trillion and with an estimated growth rate of up to 20% annually, at least 50,000 professionals are needed within the industry over the next 7 years to bring Islamic Finance to a level it deserves and meet its market demand (


As this programme will be offered in the Klang Valley, it will be able to attract those in this vicinity to grab this golden opportunity to pursue an Islamic Finance degree quite conveniently in terms of accommodation and living costs . Rest assured the programme is accredited by MQA and recognized by the Government of Malaysia. Good Luck.