Spectrum At A Glance


Spectrum Education Group aims to create leaders, innovative thinkers, and problem solvers – people capable of tackling the most pressing world challenges. We aim to produce quality graduates capable of performing in demanding work environments.

Each of our academic, vocational and adult learning programmes are also designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for a rewarding and successful career. We constantly review and renew our courses based on the Local and International Industry requirements, so that they are relevant, modern and equip students for careers anywhere in the world. We are proud to have 15 years’ experience in delivering education service and currently have over 1,000 students and staffs working together, exploring new ways of thinking and engaging with significant social and scientific challenges of our time.


Spectrum Education Group mission is to provide learning opportunities aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and to prepare students to meet lifelong intellectual and career challenges


Spectrum Education Group aspires to be a leading institutional of higher education committed to providing total quality in teaching and learning within a caring environment.


Spectrum Education Group believes in:

  • Providing equal rights, equal access and equal treatment
  • Upholding high institutional standards
  • Academic freedom & fairness
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Recognizing the value and expertise of our employees